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Here you will find some stories and reflections. I hope I can bring you good feelings.

  • Texts in English

    Where have you been, Victor?

    Today is Wednesday, at 3:15 pm. I see that life is changeable. On this same day and time last week we were together. Now I’m in my room listening to Adele and watching the raindrops fall on my window. What have you been doing, Victor?  How have you been? Are you taking care of yourself?  You took that vitamin, you know you have to, it’s almost winter, and you always get a cold when you don’t take it. I can swear I smell you here now. Would it be possible? This morning when I got up I put the water to heat and drank that tea we always drink together.…

  • Texts in English

    Goodbye Letter

    I’m leaving, forgive me? I love you, and I will never apologize for that. As I write this text for you, many tears stream down my face. But in the middle of it, I start to smile and I swear to you that some laughs escape. I don’t know for sure the exact moment that got us here, maybe it was the countless fractions of details that went unnoticed.  Life has these things. I’m grateful for memories that God knows I’ll never forget.  I don’t forget the love of my life and I’ve already made sure of that.  I don’t know if from the photos, the smell, or the permanent…

  • Texts in English

    The Girl You Knew

    You would be proud of me, but you’re not here to see that. I bought that ticket to southern Italy, you know I always wanted to go. What if I tell you I’m going alone? Well, my dear, no friends, no handsome boys, and no you. I’d like to see your face right now.  You always said I couldn’t do anything on my own. And you were right. I spent a lot of time depending on others, on the presence of someone to be able to live my life. I was always waiting for something. I confess that this worked up to a certain point, but it stopped working. Nothing…