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Goodbye Letter

I’m leaving, forgive me?

I love you, and I will never apologize for that.

As I write this text for you, many tears stream down my face.

But in the middle of it, I start to smile and I swear to you that some laughs escape.

I don’t know for sure the exact moment that got us here, maybe it was the countless fractions of details that went unnoticed.

 Life has these things.

I’m grateful for memories that God knows I’ll never forget.

 I don’t forget the love of my life and I’ve already made sure of that.

 I don’t know if from the photos, the smell, or the permanent tattoo on my heart.

The other day I asked an 80-year-old lady if we can forget the love of our life.

She told me:

We never forget true love. We learn to live. We learn to deal with it.

Life will go on and there will be other wonderful and unforgettable moments, but true love always remains and exists in us. That’s scary!

I was so happy with that, knowing that I will always have you here with me.

Many wine bottles were opened on several occasions. How many times you wiped my tears, many… and in so many other moments you made me cry with joy.

The laughs that were shared, unforgettable and eternal moments…

We traveled together everywhere we could, sometimes without much planning, we just woke up in the morning and went aimlessly.

Nothing is eternal, nothing is forever. It’s like I’ve always been told.

But I think I will contradict that statistic.

You to me are eternal. We are eternal!

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