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The Girl You Knew

You would be proud of me, but you’re not here to see that.

I bought that ticket to southern Italy, you know I always wanted to go.

What if I tell you I’m going alone?

Well, my dear, no friends, no handsome boys, and no you.

I’d like to see your face right now.

 You always said I couldn’t do anything on my own. And you were right. I spent a lot of time depending on others, on the presence of someone to be able to live my life. I was always waiting for something.

I confess that this worked up to a certain point, but it stopped working.

Nothing is forever and we are living proof of that.

I bought a bubblegum pink suitcase for the trip, and every time I look at the bag I want to laugh.

This suitcase is so the opposite of what I once was.

You know, lately, I’ve been surprised by my unpredictability. And I like this!

I haven’t slept at the same time anymore, sometimes I sleep at 7 pm, can you believe it? And another 2 am… I’m enjoying trying out new schedules.

Wow… speaking of trying it out, do you remember that Greek restaurant I always wanted to go to? However, I was very afraid that I wouldn’t even know what to ask for, well, my dear!

 I went…

And the girl here has a new favorite dish!

Another night, when I went out, instead of asking for an alcoholic drink to have fun like I always did, I asked for a glass of water, ice, and lemon…

Everyone thought I was crazy from drinking so much gin.

The truth is, I was crazy to finally be happy with myself.

 Deep down, nobody cares about us, they’re busy living their lives and that’s what I’ve been doing.

I have changed, and I am constantly changing. I was terrified, afraid of not even recognizing myself, however, I was wrong, totally wrong…

Now, more than ever, I have found someone who will welcome me completely!

To be continued…

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